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Invasive 8-inch-long African snails reappear in Florida

I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago about Burmese pythons and other giant constrictors now living wild in Florida.  Thousands of them are successfully breeding there.   I got a lot of pingbacks from that post, mostly from indignant

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Our other blog, Veggie Revolution, focuses more on food than this one does, especially the environmental, health and humane aspects of our food choices. That blog was started in 2005 and continues today, while the blog you're reading now began in 2009. Some of the newer posts are on both blogs, but Veggie Rev has at least 260 more posts than this blog, including Sadie's travels to Morocco. In the sidebar of Veggie Rev, you'll see links to each year that can take you back to all the posts for a particular year.

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