Veggie Revolution: Smart Choices for a Healthy Body and a Healthy Planet

2 Image of Veggie Revolutionby Sally Kneidel, PhD, and Sara Kate Kneidel

Publisher: Fulcrum Publishing (
ISBN (paperback): 155591540X

Praise of Veggie Revolution from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., President of Waterkeeper Alliance

Veggie Revolution is an important exposé of America’s meat industry, which has only gotten more cruel and dangerous since Upton Sinclair penned his original exposé, The Jungle, nearly a century ago. Today, industrial meat barons are engaged in a destructive war against America’s health, our environment, our national security, our values, and our democracy.”

from Heather Mills McCartney

“Truly, read this book and think of the choices you make, the lives you harm, and the changes you can do to make your difference to this planet”

from Peter Singer, author of Animal Liberation, co-author of Animal Factories, and Professor of Bioethics at Princeton University

Veggie Revolution takes us into places that very few of us ever see: the factory farms where most of America’s chicken, pork, eggs, and milk are produced. Read it, stop buying factory-farmed animal products, use the helpful advice and great recipes to change your life and make a difference”

from Jim Mason, author of An Unnatural Order, co-author of Food Matters: The Ethics of What We Eat

“Veggie Revolution is THE BOOK is for anyone who gives a thought to animals, the environment, and the impact of what we eat. Of all the veggie books, this is the most witty, savvy and sensible. Help yourself and the planet: get with the veggie revolution.”

from Dannye Romine Powell, author, poet, and award-winning news columnist for The Charlotte Observer

“Wondering about going vegetarian? The authors present the most disturbing material in the gentlest, most matter-of-fact way. In reporting that digs deeper than a farmer’s plow, they examine every alarming angle of our contemporary eating habits, yet inspire us with hope for change. Turn to this feast of vegetarian recipes and begin to grow younger, healthier, saner.” —

Review of Veggie Revolution from Kirkus Reviews (

A lively and festive paean to our colorful friends that celebrates their vital role in the food chain.

Vegetarianism is not only about our health and well-being. It’s also about sustainability and leaving a small footprint during our passage on Earth; it concerns the cruelty of industrial agriculture, with its abhorrent feedlots, and chicken and hog farms; global warming (think methane); extinction; the wise husbanding of resources; a humane system of livestock farming (the Kneidels appreciate that not all readers will be willing to give up all meat); and the ageless beauty of the new mantra: organic, local and seasonal. The Kneidels address nutritional concerns regarding vegetarian diets; societal strictures as to why we eat so much meat to begin with; and interview an array of food suppliers, from supermarket managers to small farmers to those who operate factory farms, whom they characterize as “likeable farmers in a bad system.” They also offer over 100 recipes that ought to get the wary involved.

Involvement is key, for the Kneidels understand vegetarianism to be more than a diet, but a political and ethical statement borne of a broad understanding of our place on Earth.

Review of Veggie Revolution from Publishers Weekly

This account of how one family has explored the connections between food, health, community and the environment may inspire others to look beyond stereotypes to discover the many dimensions of a vegetarian lifestyle. Writer/biologist Sally Kneidel and her college-age daughter, Sara Kate, have compiled more than 100 recipes along with preparation tips, nutritional guidance and advice on how to eat at restaurants and at other people’s houses with ease. While much of the health information is now commonly known, the Kneidels’ well-reasoned defense of vegetarianism, focusing on humane treatment of animals and the environment, is worth considering. They describe U.S. meat industry policies that affect animals, independent farmers and the environment; and the impact of factory farm practices on health and community relations. Particularly inspiring are Sara Kate’s description of how food fosters community and social change in the grassroots village in Mexico where she worked, and the vegetarian co-op she co-formed, and brief interviews with young vegetarians. Best suited for young adults who are vegetarians or considering a vegetarian lifestyle, this work may also prove useful to parents of young vegetarians who want a more complete understanding of vegetarian nutrition and menu options. (Oct. 15) Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Review of Veggie Revolution from Green Teacher

There are many and varied reasons for adopting a vegetarian diet, and Veggie Revolution covers all of them, from the ecological and economical through health and nutrition to social justice and animal rights. The mother-and-daughter team of Sally and Sara Kate Kneidel provide readers from middle school up with the information they need to make “Smart Choices for a Healthy Body and a Healthy Planet,” and they pull it off without sounding preachy or academic. The statistics are all there, well researched and documented, but woven into a generous collection of personal interviews and “Student Voice” sidebars, all presented in a clear and lively journalistic style. The people interviewed range from families running small organic farms to egg-factory managers, feedlot owners and many others involved in food production and distribution. While it is clear that the vegetarian “revolution” represents a challenge to corporate agribusiness, it is equally clear that organic growers depend on an informed and supportive community. The authors do their part toward building such communities by sorting out the various kinds of vegetarian diets and supplying the basic information one would need to embark on any of them–or on one that includes meat but avoids factory-farmed products. They also include dozens of recipes, a glossary and pointers to sources for further research. This is a must for just about any school or college library.

Description from the publisher

Veggie Revolution explores activism at the end of a fork, providing in-depth research into the corporate meat industry from every angle, from greenhouse gases to gestation crates. Sally and Sara Kate Kneidel take you inside four factory farms, giving visceral accounts of what they saw there and providing exclusive photographs taken from the inside. They then explore four family farms, contrasting corporate farming methods with a more sustainable and humane approach to raising (fewer) animals. The book includes interviews with food producers at every level, and more than 100 recipes

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