Skunk Cabbage, Sundew Plants, & Strangler Figs

9 Image of Skunk Cabbage, Sundew Plants and Strangler Figsby Sally Kneidel, PhD

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (
ISBN: 0-471-35713-8

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How does the cobra plant catch its prey?

What plant is as heavy as 100 elephants and as tall as a 27-story building?

What kind of lily pad is strong enough to stand on?

If you’re curious about the natural world, you’ll be amazed by Skunk Cabbage, Sundew Plants, and Strangler Figs. Get a close-up look at the wild, cray, and daring lives of plants that can fly, hitch rides, float, hibernate – even grow fur! Find out about pitcher plants, which kill and eat animals; Austrian orchids that bloom underground; tank bromeliads, which have entire communities of animals living inside them; and many more. This wonderfully detailed guide from the author of Pet Bugs unearths the wildest, weirdest plants in the world, as well a the surprisingly bizarre behaviors of everyday plants, trees, and shrubs.


“…an excellent resource for both teachers and students…I learned a tremendous amount….” –Terry Whisenant, Instructor

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