Pet Bugs by Sally Kneidel, PhD

4 Image of Pet Bugsby Sally Kneidel, PhD

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc (
ISBN (paperback): 0-471-31188-X

Reviews of Pet Bugs

“This very readable book comes from North America…the accounts are so clear and informative that the reader can really enjoy learning.” – Don Bennett, School Science Review

“…contains a wealth of information presented in a very readable style, packed with facts.” –Susan Aud, Books

“The text is informative and attractively written to keep the [reader’s] interest moving forward.” – K.G.V. Smith, Entomologist’s Monthly Magazine

“…how enjoyable…provides an easy to use format…on target for children and their parents…tried it out one young granddaughter…this book and its illustrations fascinated her.” –Willard Abraham, Copley News Service

“The clear and direct title… doesn’t really convey just how much can be learned here.”  –Mary Harris Veeder, ALA Booklist


Top 20 in its category, Library Journal

Description from the publisher

What kind of insects wrestle with rivals?

Which bugs do back flips?

Which ones dig funnel-shaped traps for their prey, and will do that on your kitchen table?

Pet Bugs tells you how to find and care for crickets, mantises, click beetles and lots of other insects. Kneidel also gives you a close-up view of how these insects fight, build homes, mate, communicate, and protect themselves. Why do some butterflies chase Frisbees? What survival value does strange coloration have, and why? Illustrations throughout the book bring the miniature world of nature to life for kids.

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