More Pet Bugs

8 Image of More Pet Bugs_by Sally Kneidel, PhD

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons (
ISBN: 0-471-25489-4

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You asked for it! More fun . . . More science . . . More variety . . . Where can you find a seven-inch caterpillar? What beetles produce tiny explosions to protect themselves? Why are slugs so slimy? You’ll find the answers to these and loads of other questions in this creepy, crawly, and wonderfully interactive follow-up to the perennial kids’ favorite Pet Bugs. Small, intriguing to watch, and easy to take care of, bugs make terrific pets! More Pet Bugs introduces an all-new batch of these fascinating creatures, from ants, earwigs, and earthworms to tiger beetles, tobacco hornworms, and hickory horned devils. You’ll learn what each bug looks like, where to find it, how to catch it, and how to care for it. Featuring safety tips and tons of information about why insects behave the way they do, More Pet Bugs promises hours of excitement through independent learning and hands-on investigation.

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