Classroom Critters and the Scientific Method

5 Image of Classroom Critters and the Scientific Methodby Sally Kneidel, PhD

Publisher: Fulcrum Publishing (
ISBN: 1-55591-969-3


“Extremely well-structured and carefully conceived…the utility of the text lies in the accessibility of its content to elementary and middle school teachers who often lack science degrees…the book offers excellent examples…the author provides explicit procedures and guidelines…”  –Daniel J. Menelly, Science Books and Films

“…an excellent resource.” –Science Books and Films

“Precise explanations and detailed directions…make this a splendid book…” –An Eisenhower Review, InfoTech


American Association for the Advancement of Science Award
Science Books and Films “Best Books for Children”

Description from the publisher

Do goldfish hide? Are kittens left-handed? Are gerbils wall-seekers?
These and many other questions will be answered when students use the behavioral experiments found in this innovative resource. Using commonly found classroom pets, each experiment explores the five steps of the scientific method: Question, Hypothesis, Methods, Result, and Conclusion. This classroom-tested resource is adaptable for younger and older students. Parents, teachers, scientists, and youth leaders will find this an ideal source for fun and educational scientific experiments.

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