Sally KneidelAbout Sally

Sally Kneidel, PhD, is the author of 11 books on sustainable living, wildlife (mostly the very small variety), and science education. Her most recent book, Creepy Crawlies and the Scientific Method 2nd Edition (2015), is a tool kit for teachers and parents. Sally learned in her own classrooms that students are fascinated by the intricate behaviors of the tiny creatures all around us. As students’ curiosity leads to questions and predictions and hands-on behavioral experiments, they master the process of scientific inquiry without even noticing.

Before Creepy Crawlies 2nd edition, Sally co-authored Veggie Revolution and Going Green with her daughter Sadie Kneidel. Veggie Revolution was hailed by Robert Kennedy, Jr, an “important exposé of America’s meat industry.” Going Green is a guide to sustainable living, focusing on climate-protecting choices such as passive-solar homes, traveling without fossil fuels, and plant-based diets.

Sally’s other blog, which she and Sadie created, is Veggie Revolution.

You can find most of Sally’s books for sale on her Amazon page.


Sadie rescuing a tiny Ring-necked Snake stuck to tape, using vegetable oil on a cotton swab. Success!

About Sadie

Sadie Kneidel, M.A., co-authored Veggie Revolution and Going Green. She has spent many years working in social-justice-based education. Sadie is also a licensed professional counselor. In her down time, she loves spending time outside, reading, and doing yoga.





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